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ISA a Danish Århus based art non-profit in partnership with RBHY an African-American dispora musume, an US national endangered site presents:

Encrypted Midgets(DK, USA, CN), Mothermarie(DK) & Pol Mod Pol(DK)

West Germany
133 Skalitzer Strasse
Berlin Germany

Main Event:
Friday, March 31st 2017 21:00 - 02:00
with live technoish brain dance set
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ACID, Afro-Eletro, Technoish Live Set
African-American Vernacular/Street Dance with custom made motion sensor sound instruments
60% completed, decrypting in progress...

Come join us in a celebration of African-American Danish European cultures from a Chinese-American perspective

cause shit is going down 

   with some

    Gangster Hamster 

Pink Ponies, 

   Decrypted Licking 
	Dragon Ballzzz

and Meow Meow Kitten action

in West Germany 


end of March!

Pre-Event/Workshop/Pratice Session/Pre-Event Party - Tuesday, March 28th 21:00 - 00:00 / 9pm-12am CET

using contact improvisation, 1930/40's savoy lindy hop, yoga and unwinding techniques to interact with others with music and sound art.

Price of the workshop is donation based and will give you an advantage over the main event, not only in terms of fun! All music lovers are welcome. Profits of the events will go towards funding our benifit tour in US to save RBHY, an African-American diaspora musume, an US national endangered site in Houston Texas

If you are Lindy Hop/Blues dancer follower who can do charleston and swing out, and you enjoy listening to music that you dance. Please contact us ASAP. You will get free entrace tonight and for the main event. Space limited! Contact. Signup for the workshop using the methoid below. Ask for PMFR.

This is also an evening dedicated to grandma and blues music around the world.

Workshop Detail:

  • you must enjoy listening to dancable music and moving your body
  • make physical interaction with other human beings
  • willing to expand your world view
  • it would be plus if you are already dancing to electronic music at clubs/rave/festivals
Mailing List Signup:

Add me to the mailing list

OR you can email:
Write in the email subject:
Workshop March 28th

Make sure to include some music you like or would like to dance with
please let us know if you like to lead, follow or both so we can design the workshop accordingly.

You are invited and encouraged to attend the main live set event on Friday, March 31st to try out stuff learned at the workshop
Check back at this page for updated info.


Inspired by Technoish Danish Music, IDM (Intelligent Danish/Dance Music ;-), neo psychidlic, space wagon/max hawii, pystrance forest party and Harlem New York 1930/40's Savoy Lindy Hop (an African-American vernacular/street dance).

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